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Sometimes LIFE really sucks

"If it’s meant to be then it’ll happen but if not?, maybe you’re not on the right track.." 

I’ve waited more than a month for the result of the last exam I’ve taken. Since I thought I will be able to pass it already, I didn’t have the courage to do or even explore new things. I thought it’s worth the wait…but it was NOT. I feel terrible everytime I think of it. I just wasted my four years of studying and 4 years of hoping, believing I could and expecting what I would/should be.

It really breaks my heart knowing they’re (my parents) down: that all I can do is feel sorry about what had happened. I can’t even utter the word sorry ‘cause everytime I wanted to do it, my lips never open and I just cry…

So when will I find the real me? When am I gonna find out what I really should be. When? I just hope…It’s not too late. :(

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